All of Brittens logs are sourced from responsibly managed woodland and the trees are harvested at the optimum time of year, so there’s as little sap in the trunk as possible.










 All of our wood is seasoned naturally until the correct moisture content is achieved (between 16% – 20%) so there’s no need to pay extortionate prices for kiln dried wood.

Our woodland yard









The average moisture level of our logs
















Once the timber has fully seasoned it is then processed into firewood; we can produce any sized log to suit your requirements as we understand how frustrating it is to have a log that doesn’t fit on your fire.









Once the firewood is produced, it is then stored in log drying crates inside a drying warehouse. We ensure all of our firewood is dry upon delivery and ready to burn.




Our Storage Crates







Once dry, the crates of logs are tipped into a custom designed delivery vehicle and reliably delivered to your door. We also offer a barrow and stack service (additional cost)

One of our delivery vans